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About Me

I am based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


I was born and raised in New York City in a four language family.


After graduating from the University of New Mexico, I was a journalist for 40 years.


I was a reporter for CBS Radio in Mexico City. I wrote for Newsweek throughout the Caribbean. I was Time Magazine’s Latin America Bureau Chief. And I worked for CQ Researcher as a staff writer.


(Check out peterkatel.com for my journalistic work).


  • Certified Court Interpreter in New Mexico State Courts

  • ATA-Certified Spanish to English Translator

  • I provide interpreting on site and remotely – by phone or video – for legal and other proceedings.
  • I provide translations of all types of documents, with a specialty in legal matters, as well as news reports and press releases.
  • I provide interpretation for federal criminal defendants and asylum applicants, in pre-sentence interviews in federal criminal cases, and in depositions in state civil cases.
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The roadrunner is the official State Bird of New Mexico, and has been a symbol of good luck, speed, endurance, and bravery by local people for thousands of years. Photo by ©Peter Katel